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  • Defined by its continuous pursuit of excellence, Flory Industries has been an industry leader for more than 75 years. Located in Central California’s San Joaquin Valley, Flory Industries is geographically positioned to serve a wide range of customers and industries. From individual parts to finished assemblies, Flory Industries currently fabricates for businesses in industries such as: automation, agriculture, food processing, construction, solar, wineries, automotive, electronics, OEM equipment manufacturers, and many others.

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Our Commitment

With our state of the art fabrication facility and years of experience Flory Industries is uniquely qualified to meet all your fabrication needs. From prototype to production Flory Industries has the knowledge and flexibility to exceed your expectations.

We strive to build long-term, mutually beneficial relations with each of our customers. We listen to our clients, adapt to their needs, and build relationships on a foundation of integrity. These relations are based on three key principals.


With the latest in machine tool technology and personal attention from well-trained staff, Flory Industries is committed to quality. We build consistent, repeatable quality into every project.


Flory Industries’ dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in our attention to detail and timely communication. From point of contact to delivery of product, we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations. 


By bringing outstanding quality and service to the marketplace competitively, Flory provides exceptional value to our clients.

Contract Fabrication Quality Parts Check
Contract Fabrication Laser Panel Operator
Contract Fabrication Robotic Welder Weld Operator

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Fabrication Capabilities


Precision laser cutting in stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum with automated material handling.
Contract Fabrication Automated Laser
Contract Fabrication Operator Laser Parts
Contract Fabrication Laser Steel


Flory punching capabilities include: Perforating, counter sinking, tapping, forming, and part marking.

Contract Fabrication Punch Trumpf
Contract Fabrication Operator Equipment
Contract Fabrication Equipment Punch Trumpf


Precision forming with 5 press brakes. Skilled operators and wide range of tooling allow us to accurately process a wide range of part profiles.

Contract Fabrication Press Brake Operator
Contract Fabrication Press Brake
Contract Fabrication Press Brake Operator

Additional capabilities include: Fastener insertion, rolling, shearing, automated saw, and machining.

Value added services include: CNC machining, anodizing, galvanizing, passivation, and plating.

Flory offers complete or sub assembly services for production runs.

Flory Industries Contract Fabrication Delivery Truck

Flory offers delivery on one of our trucks or can arrange shipping to customer specifications.


The Flory weld department is staffed with highly skilled and talented welders who are commited to quality. Flory welding capabilities include: MIG, TIG, robotic, stud, and spot welding. Cosmetic finishing, graining, polishing, color removal, leak and pressure testing, purge welding, and fixture design are all available to help make your product stand out.


Flory Coating capabilities include powder coating and liquid applications. Our coating process includes sandblasting and iron phosphate prep to ensure the highest quality surface finish and adhesion.

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